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Hoemunsan (mountain) has a typical Korean mountainous shape. From Janggunbong (peak, 780m high) in the northwest and Hoemunbong (peak, 837m high) in the northern center, a mountain range outstretches to southwest creating fascinating view with various sizes and shapes of rocks. Along with the mountain range, Cheonmabong (peak) and Gitdaebong (peak) stand in a line to the southeast. Natively sprouted oak species such as mongolian oak, queritron, and oriental oak mostly occupy this mountain while flowers in spring and fall foliage in autumn boast their brilliant colors with maple, mountaincherry, royal azalea, azalea, sumac, rhus cotinus, and clematis. Hoemunsan is known from ancient times as a mystical mountain that an auspicious site called Five Immortals Playinb Baduk is in the mountain by attracting many people who study feng shui (geomancy).